Certified Organic Coffee

Aug 03, 2023Beachcomber Coffee
Certified Organic Coffee

Did you know that Canada has specific labelling requirements when it comes to Certified Organic Coffee? Many companies (including some local ones on the Sunshine Coast) use false advertising on their coffee packaging claiming "Organic" or "Certified Organic" without mention of the certification body. This indicates that it isn't truly Certified Organic coffee and they are not abiding by Canadian packaging laws. This also means there's no guarantee the coffee beans were grown without GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, or hormones.

Be sure to check for the certification statement followed by the certification body. Beachcomber Coffee is Certified Organic by TCO Cert SUPN: T-220. Here's an excerpt from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency:

Certified Organic
Statements made in connection with the requirement to declare the name of the certification body, including but not limited to "certified by", "certified organic by", "certified organic" and "organic certified", are acceptable provided they are immediately followed by the name of the certification body, or included as part of the certification body logo. As the purpose is to communicate who certified the product, these statements should not be displayed more prominently than the name of the certification body.
"Certified organic" and other similar claims are not acceptable and are considered misleading if they are used without being in connection to the name of the certification body, as it implies that products without this claim are not certified. For example, such claims should not be made in association with the product name (such as "certified organic apples")."

You can read more about it here from the Canadian Food and Inspection Agency.

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