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Coffee In A Cone

We're more than exctied to announce that we're the first coffee shop in British Columbia to be carrying this amazing product; Coffee In A Cone! Who wouldn't want to drink their Espresso-drink out of a chocolate-coated waffle cone?

"We are certainly thrilled to announce that CoffeeInACone is coming to BC… and we are equally thrilled to be working with Martin of Beachcomber Coffee Co. CoffeeInACone is now in 16 countries, having launched in North America in February 2018, in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. We are now in 13 states, but Beachcomber will be a first for the Pacific North West!"

#CoffeeInACone's Story

The journey began only a few years ago when we filled our first cones with coffee. As with most journeys, we never expected to pop up across social media and news sites around the world and to be dubbed the “World’s Most Instragrammable” coffee. Our cone-cept was developed by the founder of #CoffeeInACone, Dayne Levinrad, and his mom. He came up with the idea in a daydream and just like that #CoffeeInACone was born. #CoffeeInACone is a true entrepreneurial story. The first cones were created by hand in a small kitchen in Johannesburg, South Africa. In July 2016, we upscaled to a wonderful factory in Wadeville,  Johannesburg. This was a great opportunity as it allowed us to make our cones on a larger scale so that we could share #CoffeeInACone with the rest of the world. Another upside to moving to a factory was that we created over twenty new jobs.

Cone-ly the beginning! We’ve been blessed to welcome a global audience to our coffee cones and now we are experimenting. Whether or not you deem cones to be the new cups (c’mon, don’t fight it!), they certainly do hold more than just coffee. We love our young fans and therefore have hot-chocolate options for them to enjoy. We are currently working closely on a range of flavoured powders to be textured with milk and served in the cone.

Contest the cup, embrace the CONE!

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  • Yummy! Hurry and get to BC

  • Does this mean you’re open????!

    Trish Lang

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