Truffles Cafe

Nov 30, 2017Beachcomber Coffee
Truffles Cafe

It's the end of an era, but the beginning of a new one too...We're in the process of acquiring a Gibsons Landing Landmark in Truffles Cafe! The location has quite the history:

In 1948 the location was a small office for real estate and in 1949 it turned into an insurance and accounting office. In 1973 it became a bookstore and in 1979 it opened as a confectionary shop known as "Granny's Sweets" which is now Truffles Cafe. It's extremely exciting to be taking over a space with so much history and we have a lot planned for this amazing location.

We're looking for old pictures, stories, and historical facts on this location so if you have anything to share, please reach out to

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