2018 Gibsons Elementary School Fundraiser

Every December, we partner with Gibsons Elementary School to assist with their fundraising efforts, this year was another successful fundraising effort! Over the past couple of years, we've donated $4,385 back to the school!

Gibsons Elementary School Division 2 (Grade 6 & 7) partnered with local company: Beachcomber Coffee to raise money for 2 purposes.
  • To support our Leadership initiatives with WE, to contribute towards putting in wells in communities in Africa
  • To lower the cost for upcoming field trips for the class
Division 2 wants to thank Beachcomber Coffee for jumping in with us on our journey. Led by Martin DesRosiers, a former Gibsons Elementary student, who wants to make a difference in the lives of not only local students but kids around the world.
Thanks again for your continued support for the kids in our community,

Eric Sullivan (Teacher at Gibsons Elementary School)
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