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Certified Coffee

Apart from being Certified Delicious, a big part of our coffee reboot involved achieving certain industry certifications specific to the food and beverage industry. Many of you only consume Certified Organic and Certified Fairtrade goods and it was important for us to make this happen with Beachcomber 2.0. Below, we'll explain each Beachcomber Coffee certification:

Certified Organic

Certified Organic coffee has been grown without GMOs (genetically modified organisms), fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic chemicals, or hormones.

Certified Fairtrade

Certified Fairtrade coffee requires independent certification and requires coffee producers to meet strict criteria pertaining to sustainable coffee farming practices and labour standards. Producers are also guaranteed to receive the Fairtrade price for their coffee.

Certified Kosher

Certified Kosher coffee is prepared in a way that abides by the rules of Jewish customs and traditions. While this certification doesn't apply to everyone, we are an inclusive coffee company.

Certified Halal

Certified Halal coffee assists Muslim consumers in purchasing foods that align with their dietary restrictions. While this certification doesn't apply to everyone, we are an inclusive coffee company.


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