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Coffee Review Ranks Beachcomber Coffee

We have some exciting news to announce! We sent out our coffee a few weeks ago to be blind tested and reviewed by the specialty coffee industry experts at Coffee Review! Coffee Review has been around since 1997 and is backed by decades of experience in the coffee industry. We were a bit nervous in that you never know what the experts are going to come back with, we felt confident in that the feedback from consumers has been amazing so far but it's still a situation where you're rolling the dice!

We were absolutely floored when we received the formal review results and the positive feedback from the testers over the phone. We scored 91/100 points which is incredible considering this is the very first coffee out the door for Beachcomber Coffee - it was confirmation that the 4-months tweaking and taste testing the blend was worth all the effort. What's amazing is that we scored the same amount of points as the famous civet coffee which is priced at $55 per 20 grams!! Here's a snippet from the review:

Crisply and richly sweet, balanced. Dark chocolate, plum, fresh-cut cedar, a hint of lily-like flowers in aroma and small cup. Syrupy, buoyant mouthfeel. A round, resonant short finish turns a bit drying in the long. Chocolate, cedar and a hint of plum carry with crisp authority into three parts milk.
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