Why Beachcomber Coffee

Dec 24, 2014Beachcomber Coffee
Why Beachcomber Coffee

Why did I start Beachcomber Coffee Co.? I get asked this question quite a bit and my answer is simple, but the meaning behind it is expansive. My journey started mid-2014 after far too many negative coffee experiences where I was served poor coffee or had a hard time determining what was good coffee to buy off the shelf. It dawned on me that although the coffee industry can be called 'saturated' there was still a big opportunity to educate and redefine great coffee. I decided to set out on a mission to explore, learn, and analyze the world of coffee; where/how it is grown, the importing process, the various roasting techniques, the plethora of brewing preferences, and the tasting/drinking experience. I was amazed that so many people compromise and settle for a lackluster coffee experience. Whether it be at home, at a restaurant, or at a café; why sell yourself short when it comes to sipping on that hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning or when you need a kick in the ass mid-afternoon.

Globally,  Craft coffee has really taken off, but here in Canada, it still feels like a young/immature market which means there's a lot of opportunity. That being said there are some reputable roasters here on the west coast and some amazing cafes to explore across Canada for that matter. Enter Beachcomber Coffee Co., a craft coffee brand that not only combines high quality, organic beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Guatemala, but also sets out to create a redefining moment for you, the coffee drinker.

How you ask? Over my six-months of research, I learned that traditional coffee roasters use a roasting process that has been around for ages. Most traditional means of coffee roasting not only roast the beans unevenly but they also produce large amounts of emissions and require excess energy to produce a 1lb of roasted coffee - let's just say they're not the most Eco-friendly contraptions on the planet. At Beachcomber Coffee Co., we use a clean air artisan roasting process that is a proprietary method of roasting coffee, so unique that we are only the second craft coffee brand in the world using this specific roaster and roasting process (outside of its inventor). Our coffee is sold only in whole bean format, allowing you to maximize your coffee experience every time you choose Beachcomber Coffee.

The initial feedback has been amazing; people love the artisan Eco-friendly roasting process, the branding, and most importantly the coffee! Samples have been sent out this week and I have a queue of people wanting to try the coffee. I'm hoping to get the coffee into a few select retailers here in Vancouver and have already started the 'interview' process with a few. Thanks again for your support, I'm excited about the road ahead!

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