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Steeped Coffee

We're excited to announce the launch of an innovative new product, Beachcomber Steeped Coffee! Steeped Coffee is perfect for travelling, vacation rentals, the outdoors, or when you want just a single cup of coffee in the morning as all you need is hot water! Inside each bag of Steeped Coffee you'll find Beachcomber Sunrise Roast, our first light roast coffee from Colombia featuring a juicy flavour profile with mild floral notes. The packaging itself takes an eco-friendly approach:


Beachcomber Steeped Coffee is available in singles and 10-packs at both Beachcomber Coffee locations in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast, BC.

In order to perfect that perfect cup of Beachcomber Steeped Coffee, make sure you follow the brewing instructions on the back of the packet. The 'dunking' process is the most important step (in our opinion) to maximize the flavour profile. Thanks to Jessica Lui for the step-by-step picture below!

Interested in carrying Beachcomber Steeped Coffee at your retail location, hotel, or vacation rental?

Send us an email to chat.

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